Instant Student Verification

AI-powered service to verify students in seconds

JSON Response

    "email": "",
    "name": "Example Student",
    "status": true,
    "emailVerified": true,
    "schoolDocumentType": "schedule",
    "schoolDocumentVerified": true,
    "schoolDocumentUrl": ""

for students

Student Status is the Internet's first "student-verification-as-a-service" that doesn't require complex sales and setup. To verify a student, add our form to your website. Then, you can call our student profile API endpoint directly to sync with your users and/or create a custom brand page to offer deals and more to verified students.

How Verification Works

We verify students using our form with the following technique:

  1. Verify school email (.edu / / .ca, or any approved educational institution domain)
  2. Verify official school document (i.e. current class schedule or ID card with a valid until/expiration date)
  3. Save complete student profile (including school email, school document, full status and date verified). The student may renew their status every year as long as they are still in school.

Embedded Form

Seamlessly add student verication to your site by embedding our pre-built form↗︎

Simple Pricing

One-time payment which grants you a lifetime API key, along with a variety of other benefits to help you provide your product or service to students.

What's included

  • Premade Embed Options

  • React Component Library

  • Unlimited GET Requests

  • Student Lookup Search Tool

  • Public URL / Brand Page with Locked Deals for Verified Students

Pay once, lifetime usage

Claim student deal (50% discount)